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Assalammualaikum and greetings,

Welcome to the Institute of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship (IPTK) website.

We are a Regional Centre of Excellence (RCOE) that was established in 2004 with the approval from the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Being the only institute at UTeM, IPTK offer interdisciplinary professional development, business, management, technical services and postgraduate programs at the Masters, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng), and Doctor of Information Technology (D.IT) by taught courses and by research.

IPTK aims to assist postgraduate students, professionals, government officials and industry as well as community leaders from all over the world, solve the problems of industry, government and society through the conduct of interdisciplinary research, innovation, consultancy, commercialisation and entrepreneurship.

We conduct our business by working together with academic, experts and fellows at IPTK and also experts from other faculties in UTeM, other universities and industries. Our fellows are experts in their own right in various fields and contribute to various innovative and impactful projects. We also have an innovative research group called PRICE that works on various national and international projects.

If you are energetic, visionary and interested to make a difference, come and join us at IPTK.

As a postgraduate student, you will be guided by competent supervisors and co-supervisors starting from preparing your proposal until your viva voce and final graduation. You will have many opportunities to participate in the various projects through PRICE and professional development that will add value to your education, experience and professionalism. A new initiative will be mobility programs for our postgraduate students to gain experiential learning and opportunities to conduct case studies at interesting locations. Learning will be fun and engaging even at the postgraduate level.

As a professional and practitioner, you will gain from the many professional training and certification programs that we offer with collaborations from many partners.

For government officials, executives and industry leaders, we offer various technical, business and management consultancy services to solve your many work challenges.

So, why wait? Come and join us at IPTK to start your great journey of excellence.

Thank you
Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zaki Bin A Bakar, MNCC, SEARCC.